Affordable zero-emission logistics

Powering an efficient, and sustainable movement of goods in Africa’s urban and rural centers.

" The cost of moving goods in Africa is, on average, estimated to be two or three times higher than in developed countries and transport costs can represent as much as 50-75% of the retail price of goods."

~ Logistics Africa – Knight Frank Research Report.

About Us

Driving Africa's local retail markets towards sustainability.

With the fastest growing population, estimated to double by 2050, African countries not only need figure out how to best take care of its people, but do so while at the same time addressing climate change, air pollution and environmental degradation.

drive local retail logistics costs down to 10% average

cut local retail logistics cO2 emissions by 70%

Boost local businesses income generation average by 50%

Our tools

Using clean and smart mobility.

Supply local markets with an affordable and clean means of transporting goods and complement with technology both to improve accessibility and maximize operational efficiency.


A reliable, affordable, and versatile electric cargo bike.

Zelo App

An operating platform for efficient local retail logistics.

In comparison to a petrol powered motorbike, it costs 70% less to run an electric cargo bike, and digitalization increases operation efficiency by up to 3 times.

~ Greenfoot Africa operation in Arusha, Tanzania.

Our Strategy

Combine access to affordable clean mobility and digitalization.

Creating accessible, affordable, and profitable local retail logistics operations.

eGuta eCargo Bike

1. Supply

Local markets with an easy to own and operate electric cargo bike using rent-to-own model.

Zelo App

2. Connect

Local retail logistics network with suppliers and retailers.

3. Support

With battery charging/swap infrastructures, and access to spare parts.

We are on a mission

Committed to driving Africa towards a cleaner and sustainable future.