Clean, capable & affordable

An electric cargo bike platform accelerating Africa’s transition to zero-emission transport.

About Us

We are pioneering a change

Developing a purpose-built electric cargo bike platform for an affordable and sustainable transport of goods in Africa’s urban and rural centers.

Zelo Bike

Easy to own and cheap to operate electric cargo bike with a carrying capacity of up to 300kg.

Zelo Konnect

Zelo Connect

A smarter way to manage your cargo bike or fleet and connect with customers.

Meet Zelo Bike

Rugged, smart, and capable electric cargo bike you can actually use.

Steel hand welded frame

Powerful motor (3000W)

Up to 120km on a single charge

Up to 300Kg cargo capacity

Up to 45km/h top speed

Solar recharge capability


Most frequent questions and answers

Zelo Bike is scheduled to launch in January, 2023. First in Arusha Tanzania for early public availability and testing, and later  launch in Dar Es Salaam.

In comparison to a petrol powered alternative, Zelo bike is up to six times cheaper to operate when it comes to energy expenses, costing an average of Tsh 15 (USD 0.0065) per KM, compared to between Tsh 80 and Tsh 120 per KM it costs to run a petrol powered alternative (2 or 3 wheeler).

Under a lease (subscription) program, you also get access to a free maintenance and consumable parts changes. If purchased you can get access to maintenance and parts through our network of service hubs and supply partners.

Zelo bike will come with two main carrier types, a Pickup and Box. Further customizations will extend the both carriers to meet specific needs from transporting temperature sensitive goods such as dairy and meat products to mobile shops.

Standard Zelo Konnect offering comes with every cargo bike subscription or purchase which includes bike/fleet manager and geo-tracking features. More features can be activated based on your subscription plan.