We are greenfoot africa

Empowering local retail markets to work more efficiently and sustainably.

Our story

A desire to pioneer the adoption of electric mobility in Tanzania and Africa at large

Greenfoot Africa was officially incorporated in 2019, secured a fleet of electric motorbikes, and launched in Arusha, Tanzania, offering on-demand logistics services targeting local businesses. 

Greenfoot Garage
Greenfoot Launching

Learning by doing

Going heads on to the market, though highly challenging, helped us better understand the market and the tools needed, and thus how better to adapt the technology and necessary supportive infrastructures for a sustainable and prosperous business model.

Addressing local challenges using locally developed solution

Difficulties in accessing spare parts for our imported fleet of electric cargo bikes led us to the development of a locally adapted electric cargo bike that can easily take advantage of existing local supply chains for parts and maintenance.

Tech Understanding

Meet the core team

Johnson Jacka

Johnson Jacka

Founder & CEO

Rosemary Elius

Rosemary Mangosongo

Admin & Finance Manager

Collins Saburi

Operations Manager

Hemed Ally

Hemed Ally

Technical Manager

And our partners

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Rikolto East Africa

Together we are committed to driving Africa towards a cleaner and sustainable future.

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